Rhodium Plated Jewelry

Learn why we use rhodium plating on our silver colored monocles.

What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is a metal in the platinum family, it is very durable, silver in color and reflective. Rhodium is very rare, and is actually more expensive than gold!

Why do we use Rhodium Plating?

We love to use rhodium plating on our silver colored jewelry because it's hypoallergenic (no nickel in it), non-toxic and adds a lot of durability to our monocles. We plate our jewelry with rhodium instead of using solid rhodium because on its own rhodium can be brittle. Using a layer of rhodium makes our monocles more durable than having solid rhodium would.

Rhodium vs. Silver

While sterling silver is beautiful, it is not as durable or reflective as rhodium. Rhodium is also much more durable and doesn't tarnish your skin or turn green as silver and other aging metals.

Here are a few examples of our monocles that have rhodium plating:


Aria Silver Diamond Monocle $78

 Anjale Silver Monocle $78

Dakota Silver Monocle $69

Have you heard of rhodium before? Did you know our silver colored jewelry is rhodium plated?

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