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Article: Monocles of the Past Vs. Monocles of the Future

Monocles of the Past Vs. Monocles of the Future

Monocles of the Past Vs. Monocles of the Future

There is a lot of history behind the monocle, let's go over what monocles of the past and the future look like.

In the past monocles have been an eyepiece that was constantly worn during waking hours, held in place by the surrounding eye muscles. They would use the simple round discs to see small writing and would see out of their non-monocle wearing eye to see things at a further distance.

More recently the monocle has been adopted by the "hipster" fashion trend as more of a costume accessory than functional eyewear. These monocles are still supporting the same round magnifying glass look that the first monocles had.

Our monocles keep the same functional eyewear piece of the past by supporting strengths +1.0 to +3.5 and allowing you to see the fine print in life. Moderne Monocle has elevated todays monocle by disguising the magnifier in a beautiful pendant necklace and our stylish design allows you to wear  your monocle around your neck. Fashion is cyclical, and while the traditional monocle may only be worn by cartoons and "The Penguin" from Batman, the Moderne Monocle is a creation of functional jewelry for the moderne men and women of the future. 

We truly are the modern day monocle.

Here is an example of the original style monocle of the past:

Photo from "Smithsonian Magazine"

The Costume "Hipster" Monocle:

Photo from "Halloweencostumes"

And our Monocles of the Future:

Soleil Silver Monocle $78

Valentina Gold Monocle $78


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