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Article: Our Favorite Ways to Style Our Monocles

Our Favorite Ways to Style Our Monocles

Our Favorite Ways to Style Our Monocles

Our eyesight might be deteriorating, but at least we still have our fashion sense! Here are some of our favorite ways to style our monocles, these styles are here to help give you inspiration for what to wear the next time you get ready. 

1. Necklace Layering

We love the look of our monocles unaccompanied, they can truly hold their own! But, we also love the look of layering our monocles with other necklaces for more of a statement. When layering our monocle and other necklaces we like to style them with the same type of metal color to have a more cohesive look.

Since our monocles make a statement, try layering them with simple chain necklaces or shorter/ smaller necklaces. Here is an example:

Aria Diamond Gold Monocle $78

*Dainty Necklace  Photo from "Rachel Howard"


2. Dress It Up

Whether you have an event to go to or you feel like dressing up for the fun of it these monocles add unique functional beauty to any dressed up outfit, it almost feels like a bonus that they help you see.

For this example we created an elegant outfit with a flattering dress, simple heels, and the Anjalie monocle.

Anjalie Gold Monocle $78

*Dress and Heels Photos from "Ann Taylor"

3. Dress It Down

Another way we like to style our Monocles is to dress it down. We like to wear our monocles daily, so you can find us in a cozy cardigan, a neutral colored shirt, casual pants and a monocle around our neck.

Here is an example of our everyday attire around here:

Journey Charm Silver Monocle $98 

Cozy Cardigan Photo from "Girl Fairy"

4. Matching Earrings

Did you know that we sell earrings as well? Some of our monocles have an earring counterpart and look so great paired together. We've made it easy by selling some of these unique pairs as "gift sets". 

Here is our Jeziree Silver Monocle paired with our Cleo Silver Evil Eye Earrings:

Jeziree and Cleo Gift Set $98

Hope you enjoyed these ideas! Let us know your favorite way to wear your monocle down below, we would love to read them!


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