Perfect Birthday Gifts for Women 40+

So you want to get your loved ones the perfect gift, but they have replied "I don't really want/ need anything" or "I don't know" to your question "What would you like for your birthday?". I've made a list of perfect birthday gift ideas for the women in your life so that when you hear those dreaded answers you can still get them a thoughtful gift anyway.

1. Candles

Purely Beeswax Candle $25+

Sure you might have seen candles on the last few "birthday gift ideas" lists you've read, but I bet you haven't seen these! We are obsessed with bees wax candles as they bring all of the cozy without the chemicals.

2. Water bottle

Water Bottle $30

Who doesn't like a new water bottle to remember to drink more water? I think this beautiful water bottle might do the trick.

3. Monocle

Emmeline Gold Monocle $74

These monocles are one of the most unique beautiful gifts that you didn't know you needed. A monocle with the strength of +1 to +3.5 disguised as a pendant necklace. Functional and beautiful!

4. Spa Gift card

The spa is a great schedule break to relax. Their next massage, facial, or nail appointment couple be purchases with a gift card it's a great nudge for them to take a few hours to themselves. 

5. Hammock

Cozy Hammock $80

I can picture it now, a brand new hammock, a warm sunny day, a great book and a tasty drink to sip on, sounds like the perfect afternoon to us! 

6. Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcase $89

This pillowcase doesn't just look great, it has a lot of other benefits as well like preventing wrinkles and bacteria growth. They won't be able to sleep without it. 

7. Book Subscription

Book of the Month Club $49.99 for Three Months

Reading is a great way to stay off our phones during our down time and book subscription that comes every month would make a great gift for the readers in your life or even the non- reader who is wanting to read more. 

8. Embroidery kit

Embroidery Kit $42

An embroidery kit is the perfect new hobby for someone who want to be crafty without all of the clutter or energy. Embroidery is easy to learn and a kit is a simpler way to ease into it.

9. Cookbook + Holder

Cookbook Holder $40

There is a recipe book for every type of diet nowadays and having a beautiful, functional recipe book out on the counter with this recipe book holder would make a fabulous gift.

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